What is Nordic Animation Pitch?

Nordic Animation Pitch is the first Northern European pitching event for independent animation. The first edition of this event will be organised by Finnish Animation Guild in May 2023 in Helsinki, Finland.

The aim of this event is to bring together new talents of Nordic animation and to develop their ideas for production of a short animation. The projects will be developed by mentoring to improve the presentation to a professional pitch for international industry events to attract funders and distributors. The mentoring and coaching will be provided by internationally acclaimed animation professionals.

The inspiration for organising this pitching event has come from visiting other European pitching events and by seeing the important role that these events have in developing animation productions even in small countries by bringing animation professionals of each region together. We also believe that by gathering Northern European animation professionals we will increase the interaction and collaboration between the region’s animation communities and will ultimately improve the level and amount of Nordic productions.

Nordic Animation Pitching has been organised with the cooperation of Nordic Animation and animation associations of Denmark ANIS and Sweden SAAVA. The funding for developing and organising this event has been provided by The Arts Promotion Centre of Finland TAIKE and The Nordic Culture Fund (Nordisk Kulturfond).